Dear readers, thank you so much for the love and support. I now have a somehow important question. I am thinking about going back to waterpainting for professionnal works. I did a lot of them for commissions and it seems that it’s very often that people prefer it to my digital art.

I am a bit hesitating and would like to read your honnest thoughts about that if you have time that is.

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    Offer both? Honestly, I will always love traditional art to digital art. That doesn’t mean digital isn’t beautiful as...
  2. pligeons said: Because you have a really characteristic style, I think you could definitely do watercolour, though I’m not sure if you mean for illustration or comics, either way it sounds cool, or maybe attempt blending digital/water if it takes a long time?
  3. ayonoi said: Do what you are most comfortable with and brings you joy. You are so talented that either medium channels it.
  4. lastinfur said: Always do what works but never stop doing what you love.
  5. sakuzelda said: I love all your art but I allways prefer tradicional than digital. btw, I love and admire you <3
  6. arkhadiam said: Please do! Your watercolours are beautiful, and you still could do digital if someone specifically asks for it, yes?
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    I think your watercolors are gorgeous. But your digital art also seems to have that watercolor style to them and they...
  8. penelopevanp said: i think you should go back to waterpainting. but i love your art :D so it doesn’t make a difference for me
  9. sarahmchristie said: I’m biased because I work mostly in watercolour myself. But really, so many artists work in digital nowadays and when you commission something, there is no “original” because it’s a digital image. Having the actual real original feels very special.
  10. visiblespectre said: I think your digital art is fantastic, but I would wholeheartedly encourage you to shift to doing more watercolor if that is how you are feeling. Nothing beats the real-life texture and distinctive look of the medium, and you work it so well :D
  11. hoenn-archive said: Please do! Though to be honest, just about all your artwork is gorgeous. Know that you have a large amount of support no matter what you do!
  12. plinti said: Both your watercolor and digital works are incredible, and I’ll keep buying your titles no matter the technique you use. <3
  13. byrontobofur said: your watercolours are incredible! go back to them if you can! but i’ll love anything you do
  14. nighttimesshare said: I guess it depends on what you are working on. But keep in mind that traditional work is a bit unusual in the more accomplished part of the comic industry and so might stick out more. Which is not bad at all in my opinion <3
  15. siege-loki-problems said: I love your watercolor paintings. Im on your commission list for whenever you do get to me, but its a no brainer for me. I would love to see entire comics in your watercolors as much as I want a piece of your art on my wall. :)
  16. asgardianhugs said: Honestly, I love both. I would love to see more watercolors from you as well. Your art is beautiful. Keep up the amazing work!
  17. fullofwhoa said: I would love to see it! Everything you do is great.
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